Poll: How do you feel about modern pop rock?
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I love this stuff.
6 19%
It's okay but I don't listen to it much.
5 16%
Whatever, man.
8 26%
I don't like this at all.
7 23%
It's still pop, GTFO.
5 16%
Voters: 31.
I am curious as to what UG thinks about the popular modern rock that's out there today. Do you like it? Do you think that Rock is improving or getting worse? Obviously we all know we're never going back to the Zeppelin days... how do you feel about where it's headed?

If you're a little confused as to which particular sound I'm talking about, here's a few examples of the genre I'm refering to.

Broken - Lifehouse. Love the lyrics.

Shattered - O.A.R. Underground College band gone pop. Modern REM?

Second Chance - Shinedown. A little bland but good vocals?

I mean this music isn't absolute compositional **** like some Fall Out Boy or the Jonas Bros, but it's still got that pop sound without sounding too 12 year old-ish.

Poll coming.
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I think modern rock is pretty diverse so I dk If I can say good or bad
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Seachbar yay

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Yeah it does sound a little generic i suppose
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
Just like in any genre, there's good stuff and bad stuff in it.
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The only mainstream bands i really listen to are QOTSA and The White Stripes. Both have elements of pop but are in no way pop music
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