Anybody like them?

They're definitely abrasive, but I find something strangely intriguing about them. It's a weird fascination. They're pretty entertaining to watch live too.
I like them. It's a fairly unique sound they have. Errybody should check them out.
they're pretty hit or miss. some tracks i can't even stand but i'm totally dragged into others.
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
^True. I agree with something Mark Prindle (cool music critic whose site everyone should read) said about them to the effect of their sound being more important than the actual songs.
i think i was supposed to see them in november or something, but it was the same night as another show. i couldn't decide which to go to, so i went to neither.
I wish I could go see them play, but the closest they'll be to me before the go to Europe is Knoxville.

Anyway, they seem to be incredibly entertaining live. I've seen videos of them live, but I'm sure they don't do the justice.