The other guitarist in my band bought a Morley Wah pedal off of me a few years ago when before we started a band together and I brought it up to him the other day, and turns out he broke it. Long story short, I told him I'd take a look at it for a few bucks, since I'm currently unemployed. The stomp switch is broken, as it always stays on and won't shut off.

I get the thing open and I'm presented with the weirdest switch I've ever seen.

Can anybody tell me what kind of switch it is and where I can get a replacement for it?

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contact Morley perhaps? they may sell parts/shed light on what switch it is :S
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It's a cheap DPDT. You can get one just like it here: http://www.pedalpartsplus.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=PPP&Category_Code=SWI Personally though I hate them, quality sucks. Just get one of the 3PDT switches in the link, you can use it as a DPDT.

I've actually got a 3PDT switch handy. I know you might not know, but what six lugs do I use to make it work? I'm not to handy with switch knowledge, I just know how to solder and follow a schematic. My thought is that it would be either the left two rows or the right two rows, but my dad thinks the two outside rows, so we're a bit stuck here.
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it can be wither of those three, as a 3pdt has just got an extra row. the two outside would be easier as you dont need to get the soldering iron inbetween lugs. but you could add something in, an led maybe?

Thanks for the info! The pedal already has an LED for Wah On/Off, so that won't be needed. I'll fix this thing in the morning. Thanks guys!