so today i bought a new head unit from billy hyde for $999
which is awesome when you look at the retail price.
i havent decided whether im gonna keep it or sell it on ebay
but if i keep it, i wouldnt mind changing out the LED's that light up the tubes at the back
right now theyre orange/yellow, but i thought that a blue or purple would look really cool

also, has anyone seen those LED's that flash in time when music is played near them?
that would be awesome as too, would it be possible?
thoughts, suggestions?
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I bv and I bought purple LEDs and it looks sick. I think they are number 43 bulbs, but check on the bulb first the num should be on it. Just search the number and led on google. I bought mine from a pinball parts site. Costs about 15 bucks w/ship and looks way more awesome.