i have an old squire stratocaster and i was wondering if i could take off the bridge and put a tailpeace in its place (let me know if i need to put some pics up)
A tailpiece alone won't work for it, you'd still need a bridge to adjust the string height and intonation. If you want to turn it into a guitar with a fixed bridge, it's easier to put some extra springs in the cavity at the back to have the trem lying flat on the guitar's body, or get a tremol-no.


If you decide you want to just use extra springs, keep in mind that you'll need to set it up. String height and intonation will have to be corrected most likely.
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i kinda figured that i would have to change the saddles. and i kinda want the bridge and saddles like the way i way they are on my les paul(it has a fixed bridge).
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You could get your guitar routed for an LP bridge and get it installed, but it would look ugly because of the gaping hole that'd be left on the guitar and it'd cost more than the Squier is worth. I'm not even sure whether the guitar would be usable at all after that because a tune-o-matic like on an LP is quite high - That's no problem on an LP because the neck is angled, but it's different with strats.
There are fixed stratocaster bridges, but I they feel no different than a tremolo that has been fixed, so there's no point getting one. I'm not sure whether it's possible to install them on a guitar that has been routed for tremolos anyway.

I'm not 100% certain, but I think it can't be done.