So, I've just found a new Peavey Studio Pro 112 in my local store, which is on sale, so cost 199 euros....is tit any good?I heard it was discontinnued...
sure..............but a vypyr 30 is so much better........
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...is tit any good?I heard it was discontinnued...

Tit is great, it's better if you can find a pair of them though... I really hope they're not discontinued.

They're versatile, if you're after an amp to cover one genre you'd probably be better looking at something especially made for your genre though. It's okay at most genres, but not great at any of them, if you get what I mean.
studio pros are wicked little SS amps.

got enough kick for a jam with a medium hitting drummer.
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So...there was also a Roland Cube 30x and I tried it with a 500 euros Ibanez(really didn't like that guitar :P)...but my Marshall Mg30+Mt-2 sounds alot heavier than the Cube...but from what I'v been told in this forum the Cube should be way better..wtf?