I'm not too sure what this falls under so I chucked it in the pit.
My band has just finished our first EP and we're releasing it this week basically selling it to friends family, people we know who like our music etc probably gonna push about 60 copies in a month then do some more. Then I was thinking when I put in a CD itunes downloads the album information from Gracenote database, how do we get our info on there so that when people rip our CD they don't have to type it all up themselves. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this and if it costs or anything or If you have to be signed to do it or whatnot. And also if you have to do a different one for WMP etc?
Any help would be appreciated
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Just fill it all in, and then there's a button somewhere that says 'Submit to Gracenote database' or something to that effect.
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I think if you go to Gracenote's website you can submit details.
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