Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum but not new to the guitar, I've been playing for 22 years now. That said, I've never used an analog delay pedal...I have primarily used rack mount digital delays and multi effects processors with digital delay. For the past couple of years my circumstances have me playing a combo amp with effects pedals rather than my main rig w/rack mounted components. I've been using a Boss DD-3 but it sounds really harsh so I've been thinking of getting an analog delay. I'm looking at either the Ibanez AD9 (if I get it I will get one modded by Keeley), Maxon AD9, or MXR Carbon Copy.

Does anybody have any experience with these pedals or perhaps any other analog delays?
I'm considering one of these:


Got one of his OD/Distortion pedals and it's outstanding. The guy does a good job.
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The Carbon Copy is a FANTASTIC pedal, definitely check it out for analog delay, it's definitely my favorite non-expensive analog one.