I have searched the searchbar and nothing came up that helped me. But anyway when ever I play the 12th fret on the B string there is major fret buzz, so much that it practically deadens the note. So could someone advise me on what to do please.


EDIT:It's acoustic
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my old yamaha had a simmler problem at the 4th fret and the 13th fret of the b and high e. if the paper thing dosent work you might need a truss rod adjustment. but dont mess with the truss rod if you dont know what your doing (it's really easy to mess it up)but anywase thats what i did to mine and it plays perfictly now.

have you resently changed string gauges?
another thing that might couse this is humidity. do you keep your guitar in a hardshell case at night?

this is a like to the taylor website it should tell you the signs of a lack of humidity.
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