I'm looking for a V guitar for metal but don't have a clue at price ranges. It doesn't have to be that versitile I just need something for OD. It has to have pretty decent pickups also.

What is the cheapest and best guitar I can get with these specs? because I don't have a price limit I just don't want to spend alot
Looks at some Epiphone gothic V or I don't know how to spell them but Angile (correct me If I'm wrong thanks)
Do you want the V guitar just for its looks? There are much better guitars for metal, V's are kinda versatile most of the time. At least my custom is, and some I've tried out. I would look into like an Ibanez, because the cheapest i can think of that is a V is a Dean, and i doubt you want that, and that would be like 350. So i would look for an Ibanez, because the next V i can think of would be a Gibson, there might be something in between, like a faded Gibson V which would be like 600-800. You'd be better off with a guitar that doesn't look that great, but sounds better.
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Sounds good to me. I just wanted to get a V for a change. What ibanez models would you recomend which are complete crap? (good pickups needed so i dont have to upgrade)

OH - And I would like a decent FR with it :P
To get a V with a decent FR, you're gonna have to look into at least £1000. Jackson KV2 are awesome V guitars. Or ESP Alexi signature guitars are amazing Vs but they are damn expensive.
dan jacobs new signature is a v - with 81 and 85 emgs and a fr original. but your looking at like 1200 bucks. its made by esp
try a jackson RR3 - only downside is that its only got 22 frets and sum people complain about the LFR

is your lookin for a guitar with a OFR and your on a budget


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I have a Peavey vortex ex... got it for 230 euros... and it does its job really well... if you dont have money for a jackson kv2 or the esp alexi laiho signature,i`d recommend this one...
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check out rondomusic.com for decent cheap Vs. they have 2 different style v's, a more gothic standard, and a RR3 type called the Reaper.
B.C. Rich is your only real option if you need a trem. that much. All the hate is mostly bandwagoners who've never actually played a B.C. Rich besides maybe the bull**** $100 models Guitar Center carries, so you can ignore that. I feel pretty bad that I have to verify my post like that.
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RR5FR from Jackson, feels great, has a Floyd, and IIRC 2 SD pickups. I think it was $1500 though, not sure.

There it is, $1500, only seems to be available in pink right now o.O
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I used to have a thread about flying v's that were in the $900-$1100
let me see if i can dig it up
Edit: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=782501
there it is.
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