Hey, i've got a palomino v16 and i want to get more of a crunchy thrash tone out of it. Before anyone starts recommending new amps, thats not possible right now, i just want to try to get a better tone out of what i have. i like the cleans on the amp, and when i crank the drive up it breaks up pretty nicely. however when i go way up on the drive, it gets a little muddy.

i want to achieve a megadeth, metallica type crunch, nothing too over the top. so, i was debating between an overdrive pedal or something along the lines of a metal muff. i know that the overdrive would sound better, getting the tube to break up naturally. would an overdrive pedal be able to get me to the sound i want though? most of the clips i've heard with ts808/ts9 pedals give a great sound, but not quite the break up im looking for. the clips i've heard with the metal muff definitely got the sound im looking for. i also really like the fact that the muff has an eq built into it.

so will an od pedal or a distortion pedal meet my needs better?

probably the metal muff, it can get pretty trebley though, check out a few distortion pedals and see what you think of the sound.

but for thrash i think you probably want distortion not overdrive.

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If the palomino reacts anything like the Tiny Terror, a 7 or 10 band EQ pedal should do the job. Listen to the clip in my profile, IMO it is quite similar to the Master of Puppets tone if you look past the sloppy playing.

You should also try the Hardwire CM-2, it's like a tubescreamer but with much more gain.
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Use an OD to boost it. I recommend the Fulltone OCD, 'cause it's got loads of clean boost, and great OD too.
I say look into getting a 10-band EQ and an overdrive. If you have the cash, look into the Xotic BB preamp, it has more gain than a regular OD pedal. I've heard that's also the case with the Fulltone OCD. Check 'em out!
i don't know if you could compare the palomino to the tiny terror. thats like comparing apples to oranges (sorry). i've heard clips of the tiny terror and it has a pretty crunchy sound to it. my amp is definitely more of a blues/ classsic rock amp. it breaks up a bit higher on the gain, but starts to mud up a bit too. im looking for a really tight crunchy sound. i listened to your clip and that's definitely similar to the sound i'm looking for.

i listened to a few video clips on the hardwire pedal. it sounds pretty good but still not quite overdriven enough. i do like the fact it has somewhat of an eq on it. it definitely sounds to break up a bit more than the tubescremers ive heard.

i also heard a few clips of the hardwire metal distortion that sounded pretty good. i also really like what i've heard of the metal muff, and like the 3 band eq.

so does anyone know of an overdrive pedal that can boost me to where i want to be or am i pretty much stuck going the distortion pedal route?


edit: just listened to some clips of the fulltone ocd, definitely a nice sounding pedal, wide variety of tones, ill have to see if i can find one around here to demo.
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You can use a pedal but that amp shines at what it's supposed to do. You'll never get a great metal tone out of it. If you must play some metal quickly spend 50 dollars on a guitarport or something and you'll have a few metal amps on your computer.