Well what's up people, I just finished this quick little number. Not even two and a half minutes. I'd say the main focus of the song is the bass. Complete with a sub-par bass solo! I think it sounds pretty cool. If you want it up in GP4 just let me know and I'll put that up aswell.
Neu Zwei.zip
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The wierd time signatures take a bit of getting used to but it was pretty good stuff.
The guitar at the intro I wasn't sure about, I didn't really think it went with what the bass was doing, like too different types of riffs if you know what i mean, but the bass and drums were pretty good, maybe if you make a more higher pitched guitar bit(Chili Peppers sort of thing?). B was OK but I again don't know if the rising bit for the bass really went. C was quite good, then it repeated for D and E. I liked F, I think you made the wierd time signatures work well here, but then the open chord at 30 I don;t think really flowed well. G was quite good again. H and I were by far the best parts of the song, quite awesome, sounds like pearl jam? then the bass solo went well, although my criticism of it was kind of that it starts and stops a bit much. The bar 50 bit before J was quite good too, but the 2p0 bit doesn;t really sound in key to me. I like in J how you reintroduce the bass riff again, although K would probably work better based around the guitar riff, quite a good riff. At L I think its pretty good but the snare comes in to build up tension a bit soon, maybe repeat it a bit more first, then it probably be better if the tension in L led to the ending chord rather than repeating the earlier riff.
Sorry if it does sound harsh, its just theres not much you can say about the good stuff is there, but the H bit to J bit were really good and stood out to me. I'd say you're main problem with the rest of it is just that it's like your guitars playing Metallica while youre bass is playing Pearl Jam or something at the same time if you see what I mean, otherwise it is pretty good

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I have to disagree with Imperial Throg on this one. I liked it, it's very Tool inspired. The use of the triple time signatures going from 9/8 to 6/8 and your use of polyrhythms were both seamless. Just work on adding more riffs because I don't think just ending on the powerchord is enough.
At last, Bass rules supreme! Gonna have to try learn this 1 XD

I agree with Progbass92, sounds very tool-ish to me, which of course is a good thing. Triplets work well and time signatures are always cool in innovative. Progressive ftw! I love how every flows so effortlessly, how long it take you to write? Cause I'd love to write something like this :-(. It this song actually written as an instrumental?

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Thanks, to everyone thusfar.

And to the question about how long it took to write, a day, going by the properties of the file anyway. It's entirely possible it was longer. The song was not written with instrumental in mind, but as of yet there is no lyrics or vocal melody.
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