Just wanted to know what some good songs are to learn on an Acoustic Guitar, I know nothing about chords (I'm a noob) I've only been playin guitar for 2 years and I tought myself and I can play things such as most BTBAM (except solos), most Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold..Trivium, I just have this piece of **** acoustic that I'd like to start playing and I was wondering what are some good songs to learn.

Thanks, please be reasonable, I don't want to be playing some Johnny Cash
"So Long, Good Bye" by 10 Years is a good acoustic song, and it's way easy to play
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Tenacious D I guess.

Any particular song? Preferably one with a power tab, I don't know a lot of Tenacious D but when I hear them it sounds pretty legit lol