Has anyone here had an encounter with ETGuitars.com before?

Some of their stuff looks quite awesome, but the site isn't done in a very professional manner, so I would just like to know if anyone here has dealt with them before, or know anyone who has dealt with them...You know, so I can find out if they're actually legit or what not.
nope, it's teh 1st time i hear for that brand, what are the prices on the guitars? if you tell me that i can let you know if they're any good :P
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You started it by saying encounter. But no I haven't heard of them sorry, free bump
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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The site looks professional enough to me, they're just not a huge manufacturer (spelling?), so having a flashy and sparkly website isn't at the top of thier prioritys.

But yeah, they look legit to me.
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I'm not impressed at all. $1600 for a swirl painted guitar? You gotta be kidding me. If I'm paying that much for a guitar, I better be able to see some awesome wood grain through a clearcoat. The tobacco burst paint job on the strat knock-off looks horrible. The width of the burst isn't even and it looks like a kid did it.
I just like the lightning series, and the fact that you can get a JEM for 1300, and their modded DS1 Boss pedal is quite sexy...according to a youtube video at least.