I have pickups that were removed from a Ibanez 6 string Xiphos. They were barely used and swapped out immediately after purchase of the guitar. They are both the DiMarzio DP219 & DP220 D-Activator pickups and black in color. They offer an amazing clarity, tonality and output.

They both sell for 69 dollars each, but I'm looking for 50 +shipping for both
why did u switch them out?
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They were amazing pickups but just not what I was really looking for. I'm still tone chasing and trying to find the tone that best represents me.
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wait so its 19 bucks less if i get both? or do you mean 100 plus shipping for both?
Wish I could buy these. My friend has them in his V-Blade and they're phenomenal. Good luck!
Are they F-spaced?
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Not sure, they probably aren't otherwise the Ibanez Website would has specified that in their specs.
I actually do, but they are currently promised to another user who messaged me first. If things fall through with him I'll message you.