I'm looking at getting a new guitar, and ive been looking for ages and i just cant decide what to go for. My favourites so far are the Epiphone SG Prophecy EX and the Jackson RR3, ill be playing mainly hard rock and metal and my budget is around £300-£400, any thoughts? Any help is muchly appreciated
I was looking at the SG prophecy as a next guitar. If your looking for hard rock I'd recommend the Dirty finger pickups instead of the emgs, the emgs are too metal.
yeah it looks like a sweet guitar, i just cant find one in my area to try out, so im wary of ordering one
do you play in different tunings a lot of the time?
cos if you do then definately the prophecy. if i remember rightly the RR3 has a floyd rose which is a total pain in the ass to set up (well mine was) but if you're only gonna be using it for one tuning then get the Jackson
The SG is a sweet guitar.

Something to bear in mind is that it is neck heavy, so will drop if u let go standing up (particularly if you don 't have a good strap).

In not sure how the Jackson compairs, but it would be slightly more awkward to play seated being a V shape.

Try them out to see which you prefer.

Also, if the EMGs in the SG EX aren't your thing, try the GX - same guitar (red finnish + gold hardware though) but with Gibson Dirty Fingers passive humbuckers
yeah i do tend to swap around a bit, and id forgotten how annoying floyd roses can be sometimes, i reckon ill go for the prophecy, cheers!