I play guitar and am looking to hook up with others in MK to help improve my playing and have a bit of a craic. Anyone intersted. I'm into playing stuff loike Oasis, Stereophonics, Beatles, travis, Green Day..................
Happy to play with other guitarist, basists, drummers etc......forming a band long term would be an ambition, but for now just jamming with others would be great.
My bands looking for a second guitarist, were from mk. but we play in the style of guns n roses, bon jovi, skid row and motley crue.
Guitar: Fender Standard Tele

Amp: Marshall JCM900 4100

Pedals: Boss DS-1, Dunlop Crybaby, Dancelectro CC-1, Ibanez LU-20
I'm coming down to MK sometime this summer, so if you want to meet up and jam I'd be more than happy to. I'll probably be staying in Stoke Hammond at the Old Dairy Farm. Let me know.