My band did a cover of Surrender by Billy Talent. It's a little off in the beginning and my singing isn't perfect but I think it's alright at least. We'd really appreciate some constructive criticism and/or just general comments. Thanks guys. The link is in my sig.
To be honest I've never heard the original version of the song, but from what I heard in your cover I'm interested in looking it up now. The singing isn't perfect, but whose is? lol. Other than that it sounded very good dude, keep it up.
How can i forget the way you led me through the path into heaven to leave me behind?
This is one of the few Billy Talent songs that I liked. You ruined it completely!

Just messing. I actually really enjoyed it! The vocals were very close to those of their lead singer. Impressive cover. You don't know Fallen Leaves by any chance?
^I do know Fallen Leaves a bit, not completely. My band doesn't know it at all haha. Billy Talent is one of my favorite bands