Hi there, im 19 and been playing guitar for exactly 6 months now so i figured i should record something to see how im doing. I havent gotton any lessons (mainly because i live out of town and spending 2 hours in traisit isnt my idea of fun ), i play averagely an hour a day (sometimes none at all, sometimes 3-4 hrs straight) depending on how much time i have.. anyway heres my attempt to play a part of Metallica - One intro by tabs i found on the net
it's decent, but you have to work on your technique, like holding notes the right times, playing at a steady volume, and work on your timing a little. Good job though.
Soon, death metal's drums will be so fast only computers will be able to listen to it.

94? Not bad. It shall improve >=)

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You're progressng great! It sounded good, and you have the basics down judging by how you played that solo. The slides and pull-offs sounded good. Keep it up!

That's a good song to play because people enjoy it and it's fun to play.
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