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The LTD MH 401
7 35%
The LTD M 401
5 25%
They're both very nice
8 40%
Voters: 20.
Hello again. This weekend i bought an Ibanez SA120EX, but i didn't like it so we are about to bring it back, to trade it in with an LTD guitar. There's the ESP LTD MH-401 and ESP LTD M-401. I like the M more (looking at it's list of features), but at the moment it's most likely not available while the MH-401 is right there hanging in the shop. What is the difference in quality between these two?
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I had the same issue as you, I wanted the black M400 cause it was bad ass and metal. Honestly no difference between them really aside from the quilted top I think...? I ended up getting a DKMG haha.
They're both pretty much the same except for aesthetics and body type, MH is mahogany and the M is alder.
So the MH is deeper and the M is brighter