Hey everyone. I just found this picture of an electric guitar that I really can't identify, for the life of me.

Check it out:

I've NEVER seen an electric guitar with a slanted pickup at the neck like that. What kind of axe would feature a pickup like that?

I haven't the slightest I idea as to what kind of guitar that is. It could be of the rare, vintage kind.

Does anyone here know the model of the mystery guitar in the above pic? Can anyone tell? Does anyone have any clue? Can anyone help me?

Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.
I can't tell from the picture, maybe a head shot or another picture with better lighting would help. It looks like a hollowbody/semi-hollow. Reminds me of a Fender Starcaster from the 70's (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Starcaster), but with a different headstock.

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Oh, there's a guitar in this picture? I didn't notice.

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Sorry maam' you gon' have to take away that guitar and let me see the goods before I help ya.
It looks kind of like an oddball Japanese guitar I saw a while back. I think it was an early 70's model, but I really can't remember too much.
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I remember seeing this exact picture a while ago. There was a thread about it I was following. I'm pretty sure people were saying it was some sort of danelectro because of the headstock, I forget if they found anything else about it though
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If I were to guess (which I am), I would guess Danelectro.
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On topic I honestly don't have a clue what the guitar could be, unless we have more pictures it's impossible.