hi, i was wondering would any of ye know of a media software (itunes, windows media player etc....) in which i can play a song and just listen to the guitaring in it , by turning down or turning off the vocals,drumming bass etc !! or is it even possible to get such a software ?? lol
Unless you own expensive audio engineering software, it can't be done. Except maybe vocal reduction, I think Goldwave has that but it's not that great.
You'd have to have a file type which contains all the different tracks of the song. And the media player would have to be able to play that file and would be able to mute the tracks.

I don't know any media player that does this; and if you're wondering, this isn't supported with the .mp3 file type.

Cubase is one program that does somewhat of what you want, but it's primary function isn't to be a media player. It's used for song editing and such. And it's native project format can't be opened with a media player.
thanks for ur replys. i new it was a long shot but it was worth a try ; )
You could use guitar pro but it doesn't really give the same effect as the real song but its still useful plus you get the tab.
Virtual DJ.

It doesn't completly eliminate the vocals, but it get's them down low enough.
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