I know there is a sticky and all that, but I am still confused about anchoring.

My problem is whether I should anchor or not. When I anchor I put my palm on the bridge as if I was palm muting. It seems like do not apply alot of pressure on the bridge/strings. I do this so I can always palm mute my E and A strings lightly. After reading the sticky I tried to lift my hand up and play closer to the neck ( so my hand is floating over my first pickup) I can pick fairly well and Pinch harmonics are a big plus but my technique lacks. Should I stick with not anchoring and develop my technique like that or should I continue anchoring since I have not really seen any stress on my arm?

I could put some videos later today if that helps.


Please don't close this as I believe this is a valid question.
I had the same problem when i stopped anchoring.
At first it was a pain in the a** but as soon as i got used to it (after 2-3 months) i felt more relaxed while playing.
Don't worry about your technique, you may suck at the moment but it'll "recover" soon enough.

So yeah, go on without anchoring.
anchoring gives you more control while playing linear, one string phrases.
but it all changes when you play various strings. depending on how you anchor, you'll have to bend your wrist, or move your arm up and down. and that's not good.
it also makes harder extreme string skipping, i.e: from low E string to high E string.

but you should absolutely practice anchoring, ONLY for palm muting.
or... if you have huge hands, and it actually improves your playing over all.

another thing about anchoring is that you can't play all types of chords with it.
you can play power chords, and dyads, and whatever, but you can't anchor and play chords which use 6 strings.

and oh, another time I anchor is when arpeggiating, and letting the strings ring. much easier that way.
You can anchor if you want to. The reasons for not doing so are in the sticky, as are the short term benefits it brings - eg, slight improvement to economy of motion.

You should stick to not anchoring.