Well, I'm in a band and we have a lot of different influences, ranging from the Beatles to My Chem, Pink Floyd to Coheed and Cambria, Metallica to Rush, etc. Basically all kinds of music. I'm also very interested in electro house, Justice in particular, and I was wondering if its possible to acquire a tone on guitar that sounds similar to that sound, and how to go about doing so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxsu2-xcvNs is an example. The sound in question I want is the part that comes in at 0:07, and the lead that comes in at 0:39. Please an thanks.
octaver, and some sort of synth effect. oh and also a fuzz pedal there.
yeah i was thinking along those lines, does anyone know about how much that would cost? does anyone also have specific pedals they know, it would help me alot
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