I'm planning on getting the EX-400, but I'm seeing mixed reactions everywhere to the neck. Some people say it's too heavy and impossible to play standing up while other say it's perfect. Has anyone here had that problem?

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people say the same thing about the viper but i've never run into the problem at hand. if you don't let go of the neck (which you shouldn't be doing anyway) it's fine.

you can't try it out before you buy it ?
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if the neck is anything like the 260 its an awsome neck not too thick(les paul) but not too thin (RG)....
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My RR3 is neck-heavy too. Seriously it's no big deal, so long as you're holding the neck it does'nt matter. Now if I let go the neck will droop down but thats not a big problem
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I'm ordering it online, so I can't try it. My Jackson KE-3 had the same problem and it was impossible to play standing up, but all I had to do was move the strap button and it was fine. This EX should be fine, but I could always move the button if needed. It was mostly just the reviews on Musician's Friend that said it was too neck-heavy.
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It probably is neck heavy, but unless its really bad it shouldnt be a big problem.

Im not a fan of the viper necks, but cant comment on the EX necks as I havnt played one, but I assume they'll be fine
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Yeah, it should be fine. The Explorer is my all-time favorite guitar and I used to HATE the EX series because they're not shaped right and I saw them as a rip off. However, the more I looked at the olympic white EX-400... the more I wanted it. It may not be shaped like the traditional Explorer, but I can let that go since it's actually WHITE (the Gibson Explorer is off and looks stupid with the bright white pickguard), I've always wanted an axe with EMGs and the knobs and switch are all placed where I want them. I've always thought it was retarted to have the switch way up on the fin of the Explorer. I'm also getting a Gibson Explorer in black and I'm going to have it completely blacked out (pickguard and all hardware) and the tone knob will be removed and the switch will go down with the knobs. That's what I did to my old Explorer and it kicked ass. It'll look like Jaymz Hetfield's "Rusty" Explorer except mine will just have a black pickguard.