I'm sick of seeing so many crap tabs on sites like mxtabs, UG and bassmasta, so I'm thinking of just buying the books. Here are my questions.

1. Are they accurate?
2. Who writes the tabs?
3. Is it how the original artist plays the song?
4. Would you recommend me getting one?
1. Most of the time it's not how the guitarist plays it.
2. The people who write it are hired by the company that puts at the book. they probably know alot about music theory but not how to play rock/metal guitar.
3.Probably not
4. if you're having trouble getting a particular riff or solo it can give you something similar so i would say buy one if you really wanted to learn something
1. They're no less accurate than the good tabs you'd find on any site like this. Albeit, they're complete and these guys get paid to do it, so they're trying as hard as they can to leave nothing out. But there will be the odd mistake or omission.

2. The tabs are usually written by professional transcribers hired by companies like Hal Leonard, Warner Bros., etc. So these guys are basically like tabbers like us, only they're paid to do it.

3. While most people will tell you "never trust tab books because they're inaccurate" etc, tab books are simply no worse than the good tabs you'll see on this site. There will be the occasional error, omission, logical fallacy in the tabs you'll get in books, just as there are in any tab some dude posts here. However, some tabbers who make books do get some input from the artists, and the artists will sometimes check the accuracy themselves. A good example of this is Dream Theater's tab books. John Petrucci himself has sent in some transcriptions. One band I know of actually tabs out their stuff themselves, Between The Buried And Me. The Colors tab book was actually transcribed by their guitarist and self-released. So yes, sometimes you'll get a book that's exactly like the song was played, while sometimes, you'll get a book that's got some errors. Just as you would with any tab submitted to this site.

4. I don't see any good reason you shouldn't. The major factor against tab books is the fact that you're paying to have a tab that could very well be inaccurate, but unless the guitarists of the band tab out their stuff themselves, you're never going to get a 100% accurate tab anyways, so it depends on how much you want a professionally-printed tab. You're not buying it totally for increased accuracy (with a few exceptions), you're buying it to have something that's professionally printed, and professionally presented. They're a better resource than most text tabs, but they're not the be-all end-all of tabs either. So it's up to you, really.

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if you really want to learn something ( a riff , a solo )
find it by ear
it may seem hard but it's like guitar : only pratice
try to find some offspring or greenday song by ear ( 3-4 powerchord, simple melody and little solo )
then go find harder song, until you can hear the note and the interval as soon as you hear a song
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