i'm gonna get a little bit of extra cash soon so i was wondering if anyone has tried the variphase effect from dunlop? if you have what did you think of it?

another thing i was looking into was a new distortion, i was thinking maybe the line6 metalzone effect, or maybe mxr's dimedistortion, what do yall think of them? ive used a few bheringer effects and i have one digitech grundge, but im looking for a tight distortion and can do alot for one pedal. it doesn't matter if it has a built in noise reducer, i have a smart gate pedal, and i still have to maximize its potential but it seems like it'll work like it should.

any thoughts on a good EQ pedal?
The line 6 dist is kinda sucky. I prefer the Metal Muff. And i think it's more versatyle. Go to a store and try some pedals. BTW, ont get a Boss.

For EQ, the MXR 10 band EQ is great. If you dont have that much money, the Dano fish and chips will o nice for your basic needs, but dont expect profeesional durability or sound.

thanks, i have a boss overdrive from like a year ago, that was before i really got into pedals, it was my first one, the acoustic simulator from them is kinda junky though. and thanks for the tip about line6, is the metal muff worth the price? i'd prefer to spend under 150, if there's a better one in that range. i have 2 overdrives, and they sound nice in my little crate amp, but i'm looking for something with alot of gain and distortion.