I have a hard time finding some really good settings for my distortion pedal. I know what treble, bass, and gain are but i don't know what mids, level, or scoop are. I play a lot of metal. Can someone help me get a clean sound that is stil pretty distorted? I have a good guitar and a pedal but my amp is ok(i no that is a big part of the over all sound)
level is how loud the sound is,

mids is the loudness of the frequency range between the treble and the bass. Lots of mids makes it cut through the mix more and sounds honky, but less mids gives a more aggressive sound that most metallists use.

scoop means turning down the mids and boosting the treble and bass

best thing to do is to experiment
you usually want your highs higher than your bass and your mids lower than your bass. but when you are playing metal you wand to "scoop" the mids so you turn them way down. its easier to explain on a graphic EQ
I used to use a boss DS-1 with tone, dist and level all turned up to full which sounded clean but distorted, but then i decided that i wanted more bass, try one out at a music store or something
please read through the settings thread to get an idea of what the controls use. then you can try out some of the settings there to find something that fits what you want.