I have a Randall RX120D half stack and i was thinking of getting a new cab which would be nice but im kinda broke so i took a look and the other amp i have which is a Crate Gt212 and i was thinking maybe i could run that as my second cab of course it only has to speakers but it would be an easy cheap solution. only thing is will i blow my crate ?
I have the same amp and have done the same thing with a 50W vox valvetronics and a 112 peavey valveking combo. I've never had any problems, but i dont do it regularly. I think that it will be fine as long as you arent playing the randall too loud while the crate is plugged into it
i usually play it at like 5 or 6 on the Randall master but i can keep the crate volume lower if thatll make a difference ill run it in the back extension speaker input