I'm looking for a clean boost for solos. I've got a pretty small budget. Less that $50 USD. I obviously don't need a lot of features, just more volume. Something transparent. I'm considering a Bad Monkey, but people usually seem to use them for distortion or tightening their sound. Would it work well as a clean boost as well or should I go with a Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive? Or feel free to recommend anything else.
Are you able to follow instructions, solder, order from a website?

Build your own.

Best way to do it under 50$
I think I could do that. I've been thinking about getting a fuzz and a wah from BYOC. I could use the "confidence booster" that comes free with the first order. I don't know how much volume it adds, though.
The Bad Monkey won't give you a clean boost, it's an OD pedal.

I use a Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ Pedal as a clean boost. I just set the eq flat and boost the level to give me more volume.
EHX do a clean boost. LBP-1 or something like that.
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