After finding out i shouldnt anchor i dropped it and got to better then before picking within a few days (since i havent played all that long i guess) however im having difficulty fingerpicking without anchoring (for example when i use my index and middle finger to pick the same string in a fast succession my pinky and ring finger grasp around the pickup) this is both because the lost pivot point and because i cant press my hand against the pickup thus forcing my fingers to work from a steeper angle. So i was wondering since you use fingers individually anyway when fingerpicking doesent it defeat the purpose of non-anchoring?
If you anchor your little finger on the first string, I guess it's not a big deal, but it's better to not anchor at all.
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anchoring is ONLY a problem if you cannot play guitar at all without having your hand anchored. if you are using a specific technique where anchoring affects the sound of your playing in a necessary way, it's not a bad thing to anchor.

unless you can't even play a simple riff without your picking hand glued to the bridge or the strings, you don't need to worry about using an anchor for some stuff.
Sorry, but instead of making a new thread, I thought i'd ask here:

I used to anchor with my fingers but have now stopped but I still rest my arm on the top of the guitar, is that ok?
^NOT resting your arm is silly. everyone rests his arm in the guitar.

anchoring while finger picking isn't a good thing by the way. if what you're saying is chordal picking.
when soloing it's recommended to anchor. as in picado.

but if you anchor you pinky anywhere at all, that's gonna deprive your ring finger from it's full strength and accuracy.
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Don't anchor any finger on the guitar top or bridge.

Anchoring any digit (except perhaps the 4th) on any string is fine, depending on context. Anchoring the thumb is probably encouraged rather than discouraged and often required for another reason - in order to damp bass strings. Most anchoring operations are temporary i.e. seldom maintained throughout a phrase or section let alone a whole piece or programme. Rigid systematic anchoring of thumb is counter productive. It's all in the Context, Repeat: Context Context.

I've even observed Julian Bream anchoring his thumb on the edge of the fingerboard when playing "sul tasto" (over the fingerboard).

To the poster who finds he/she has to rearrange hand to place thumb on 5th string, I advise that you re-evaluate how your arm, wrist and hand are positioned. A properly positioned hand and arm should allow the thumb easy access to all strings (including 1st,2nd and 3rd) with minimal adjustment.

That's advice from a classical guitar teacher.
ok, today ive played all day comparing anchoring and not anochoring while fingerpicking. Couple things ive noticed: first i anchor situationally meaning my pinky and sometimes ringfinger touch the fretboard at different places depending on where my hand is and it really doesent seem to restrict my movement, second contrary to what ive been told my hand gets fatigued much faster while not anchoring.
Now while the restricted movement was obvious with a pick so was the improvement when i dropped it but while fingerpicking i still got no clue what to do.. theres no difference in the quality i play and on one hand theres experienced musicans recommending not to anchor and on the other hand theres my little practical experiment telling me the other way. Maybe its just because the level i play at the advantage doesent show yet? I know how hard bad habits are to drop so i try and avoid them whenever i can but i cant remember the last time my instincts failed me.