Hey guys,

I've decided to buy an electric to play around with. I am primarily an acoustic player, and to be honest I don't know a whole lot about the world of electric guitars.

I like to play classic rock, some 80's stuff, and a little 90's rock. I'm not really into playing serious metal or anything like that. I just want something to enjoy until I get better.

I'm gonna pick up a Peavy Vypyr, b/c peeps on here seem to like them. I went to a local shop, and handled a few guitars, but honestly, don't know what to look for specifically in electrics. I didn't really see anything used that agreed with me either.

I have narrowed my search down to:
-Kramer Striker Custom FR-424CM link
-Schecter Sunset Deluxe link
-Ibanez GRG170DX link
-Yamaha Pacifica link

Opinions welcome...
I'd go for the Pacifica, cracking guitars for the money.
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Pacifica's tend to be brilliant for the money.
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i'd go for the Schecter.
i'm just a Schecter fan. lol

but currently i have a Yamaha and yeah Yamaha is recommended for saving up money!
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I just started playing and bought a guitar from www.pickurgear.com for really cheap. I got me a new BC RICH it plays NICE! And actually pretty easy for me to play with. So maybe you should check them out, they had alot of pretty sweet stuff.
my acoustic is a yamaha. i love it.

Is there really any difference (besides alder vs. agathis) in the 112 vs. the 012?

I am in love with this finish, but it isn't offered in the 112...
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I just started playing and bought a guitar from www.pickurgear.com for really cheap. I got me a new BC RICH it plays NICE! And actually pretty easy for me to play with. So maybe you should check them out, they had alot of pretty sweet stuff.

... No.

Get the Ibanez or the Yamaha.
I'd personally get the Yamaha Pacifica, but I dont know much about electrics either.
Yamaha Pacifica also here. Wow, I haven't seen so many people recommend it in one thread for a while. I've had mine for about 9 years now and still use it regularly.
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I've never played a Pacifica, but I've had a couple of Ibanez guitars over the years and I've always loved the way they play and sound. I picked up an Ibanez GAX70 recently for $199 and am very happy with it. Sounds like a Pacifica or the Ibanez would be the way to go.
Pacifica is a great all rounder but I'd get the 112 as opposed to the 012 as Alder is a much better tonal wood than Agathis.
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I'd go wit the Yamaha also. My ancient RGX is still sweet after 22 years of playing and it was always my first choice (my spare was a Gibson SG)
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I would go with either the pacifica or the ibanez because unless you know you want a locking tremolo system it would be best to not have to mess around with it on your first electric. They can be kind of fun, but also a pain in the ass to change strings and such.
Pacifica is great for everything you listed. The Kramer will be good for 80's hair metal, but not much else.
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pacifica ftw
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112 pacifica, better wood and just all around better quality. I was lucky to get a limited edition orange gloss finish with a black pickguard, it was uber nice... but I sold it.
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I personally wouldn't pick the pacifica, because I really like having a humbucker in the neck position. I would recommend the Ibanez, just cause I own the identical guitar, and love it. Just dont expect to use the trem, it throws the tuning of real quick...
I think a low end Jackson Dinky. I'd say Ibanez, but that won't do for the 90's rock, and Jackson's a bit more balanced.
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