I'm thinking of buying some pedals. Right now, the only one I have is a Dunlop Wah (which I love).
I play mostly classic rock, blues and some hard rock. NOT metal.
[edit] Right now, I have a Roland Cube Street amp, but I'm going to get a Peavey Classic 30. So use the C30 as the amp choice.
My budget is something like 250$ for two pedals.

So I was thinking of buying an overdrive pedal and a fuzz pedal. I looked through the forum, on youtube, google etc. and I always see the same recommendations. (ex: Ibanez Tubescreamer). I'm sure they're great, but it seems most everyone has the same pedals? However, I don't wanna sound like everybody else, I want a distinct sound
So does anyone have some interesting, different ideas for some good pedals?

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Budget an amp???
if you dont answer this after 3 posts i will unleash teh doggeh....
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Okay I just bought the DimeBag from PICKURGEAR.COM its is the ****!!!! GET IT BUY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT!
Boss SD-1 has wonderful overdrive, i'm looking to buy one in a few weeks.
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GREAT fuzzes.
I just got my hands on a Fulltone OCD from Proguitarshop. If there's a better overdrive out there, I want to see it. I paid less than $150, but I would have spent a lot more for tone like this.

Conversely, it sounds amazing through my Bassman while it basically sucks through my Marshall MG30. So you'd probably need a good-quality tube amp to unleash its potential.
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oh god! please forgive me...I posted budget and amp...
Just please....NO MORE DOG!....PLEASE!!
For fuzz, try testing a Fulltone. I just got a Fulltone Ultimate Octave from a local shop. After testing a Fender Blender and Fuzz Factory, I chose this because I like the fuzz it puts out, the more user-friendly nature of it, and the extra foot switch for the octave up.

For an OD, if you're bent on not getting a TS9, I'd check out a BBE Green Screamer. I was close to getting it over the TS9dx. Also test out a Digitech Bad Monkey. It's cheaper and you can get a pretty good OD.
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Skreddy Lunar Module. Great fuzz pedal.
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I would probably go with a Fulltone OCD and an American Big Muff in that situation.
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i dont get it, why dont you save more money and actually buy the amp.
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DIGITECH WHAMMY PEDAL. Sure its' gonna drain you to around 60$ for your other pedal, but when I mess with the thing it is a nice octave, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th generator as well as a nice different wah sound.

I love the thing, wish I could afford it.
I'm getting the amp. I'm just lazy, so it'll take some time before I go to the store to buy it... Then I have leftover money for some pedals
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if you want a wah get a Crybaby Q
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