so this tuesday we have a high school game and the student section usually has a dress up night at games. we dont really know what we should do in this one. anyone have any suggestions?
Dress up.
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Go naked.
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go as santa clause...
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jimmybanks youre a genius

pedobear costumes.
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Go naked.

i suggested that.

i also said we could have a michael phelps day, speedo and bong. they didnt like that to much either.

stuff we have done in the past..

-white out
-red out
-jersey night
-prep night
-sweater vest

stuff like that. we want this to be a real good night, lots of people show up. we just need some good ideas.
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draw a face on your face and go as a face

lol we have shirts that have the basketballs coaches face on em. so thats kinda close. and we have little sticks that have faces on them.