so ive been playing my guitar for quite some time now and now im just fed up with it. whenever I play standing up my neck is too heavy or something because it just drops. Too keep it up I have so sacrifice mobility on my fretting hand or just push the body into my body with my arm.
Anyone else have this problem/solution?
do you think i can just add some weight somehow to the body?
i have the same issue with my explorer but i usually find tht my forearm on my picking hand can rest of the huge back end to keep it level
if you're using a nylon strap switch to a thick leather one or one of those dimarzio clip lock straps made of cordura. that'll keep it in place better.
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What guitar model?

You may have to move the strap pegs to a different location for better balance.
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Add a bigsby, it will add some counterweight if you are willing to sacrifice lightness. Also, try using a wide leather strap.
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What style are you playing? A lot of guitarists actually like it to slide if it's a more fun style
Quote by blandguitar

How would this help at all?

Get a nice leather strap TS.
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I imagine that the leather strap would help because i have one of those tin nylon jimi ones.
and as for making playing more "fun", i think handicapped would be more appropriate. but anyways, i'll give it a try as soon as I can, thanks
The nylon straps work ok for the well balanced shape of strats. But dont work at all for anything headstock heavy, like LPs SGs etc. I saw billy gibbons had made some sort of spacer that made the strap button on his LP stick out about an inch from the body for better balance.