Alright so I have a friend who told me that H and R Block will do your taxes for you and then give you your check right away after (instead of having to wait 6 weeks if you do it yourself and wait for the government). True?

Is there anybody that'll prepare your taxes for free? (I'm in California)
they can get it to you same day but the fees will rape you, also direct deposit(free from irs) takes like a week tops, got mine on friday, did taxes on monday, also anywhere that preps them for you charges mean fees, like 50+ bucks
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So I can expect to pay $50 and get it within a week if I go to a tax preparation office?

(sorry little confused because you said same day but after said it took from monday-friday)
yeah if you do the standard direct deposit it wont cost more than the standard fee and you'll get it usually inside a week, or you can get it same day and they keep like 1/3of your return

also it depends a lot on the place
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i use jackson-hewitt but they come to my college and pass out half off coupons every year so i pay like 30 bucks and get my monies inside a week, pretty sweet deal... h&r gives discounts to college kids here but they were gonna charge me $42, and $12 bucks buys a case of cheap beer lol... just look into a few companies or call them and ask
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