I started working on this song yesterday and am pretty pleased with it so far. I'm not finished yet, but I'm out of ideas and I'm always down for comments/criticism. I need to add a bassline still, an outro, and a bridge or something to get away from the repetitiveness. This is the third song, and probably favorite so far, that I've made in fruity loops.

It's FL 3 in my profile. FL 1 & FL 2 are my other songs I made in fruity loops. Any comments, criticism, or ideas is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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overall i thought it was great, the whole chorus part is very nice and i liked the intro to it but i think the transition to the verse section is a little weak, it kills the feeling..... besides that it needs at least one more part because it gets a little repetitive but oh, u already said that. great feeling in the song just 1 more thing to keep it interesting.................
sounds good man. I agree that it does need some sort of bridge, maybe something heavy to contrast the rest of the song? Other than that, you got some good sounds going on, good job.

crit mine?


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Thanks for the comments. I've changed it up a bit and hopefully made it a little more interesting. I'll post the new version of it when I'm finished. I commented on your song on your post psychokiller.