I don't know much about heads or cabs but i know what sound i'm looking for. I'm looking for a head that's pretty versatile, i do emo and post-rock. And i'm looking for a GUITAR and BASS head and half stack, so help me out. Here ares some examples of the sounds i'm looking for:

Ampere - At Its Heart And At Its Head

Do Make Say Think - Minmin and Reitschule

Loma Prieta - Worn Path

so a Guitar and Bass head and cabs to accompany the heads, would be nice. And if it's possible can you Rec me some affordable equipment?


EDIT: I really like the sound of the Fender Twin-Amp combo, if this helps at all
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No offense but I'm not going to go check out myspace pages in order to give advice. I think it is best if you provide genres or similar bands that most people would at least recognize. If you want more help that is. Someone like myself would just be throwing darts without more information.


Home and Gig?
Current gear?
New or Used?
Location in world?

good luck
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^ 311, don't worry it's not advertising, I know all those bands.

+1 on the awesome taste in music.

I would check out the Traynor YBA-1, or a vintage Sunn head on ebay (Sunn Sonic I-40 which I use, Model T's, 200s, Sonaro, Sorado, etc.).

You could also grab an Ampeg V4.

Those amps are all great platforms for pedalboards, which you'll probably want if you're playing post rock.


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drone/doom/post-metal: http://theygrieve.bandcamp.com

I wasn't suggesting it was advertising I just honestly know nothing about those bands so I would have to go listen to clips and such and simply don't have time for all of that. I'm glad you recognized them and were able to help. The TS posted this 7 hours ago - I was just trying to give the guy a bump from like 5 pages back.
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^ Understandable. Not very popular bands, especially around this forum. Good thing you bumped it though.

TS - Try asking at a forum called afterthepostrock. They'll be able to give you advice better tailored for this sort of music.

For DIY/emo/screamo - You can get away with a clean amp (like the ones I mentioned previously) with a ProCo Rat II for distortion. It'll give you a nice messy and crunchy tone, lots of distortion, and tons of feedback. It also works very well for post-rock as it sounds amazing with lots of reverb added (both before and after).

You could also check the Gear For Post Rock thread on this forum, tons of great info there.


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drone/doom/post-metal: http://theygrieve.bandcamp.com
Thanks a lot i'll look into that stuff. Here's the thing, so i am in a two piece (i guess it's like a grindy emo Tera Melos + Kayo Dot, it's weird) But it's me on bass, guitar, and keys and my friend on drams.

So basically my plan is two get a splitter and send my guitar through a guitar head + cab to catch the highs and then a 2nd line through a bass head + cab to catch the lows, so it sounds bigger than just me.

I don't have much money and neither a guitar head + cab or bass head + cab, i have no live equipment.

I'm looking for:
-budget: 1,000 under (i am fully aware that i won't get my whole set up for under 1K, but try)
-i live in MD
-i'd be playing mostly House shows and small venues, not many people are into emo ha.

current gear:
-Marshall MG 100 DFX
-Line 6 DL4
-Hamer Standard FX
-Schecter 006 Deluxe Diamond Series
-A Bass
It's a good idea, but it won't work. The bass amp won't just pick up the bass frequencies, the guitar wont just pick up the high ones. You're better off running a stereo rig with multiple cabs.

What I do is run a Baritone guitar into a bass head. It sounds full and bassy as all hell, but it won't fill out your sound the same way as another guitarist or bassist will.

With a budget of 1000 I honestly don't know how you're going to make that work. You'll be much better off saving up another $500 at the least.


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drone/doom/post-metal: http://theygrieve.bandcamp.com
wow. Two heads and cabs for $1,000?

1.) I would look at combos instead.
2.) Maybe someone else has a better way of doing it.
3.) Go used

So you'll need an ABY switch first. You want your guitar signal going to two different amps and run in stereo right? Maybe 2 heads and 1 4x12 cab with the speakers wired in stereo?

Anyway, if you go to craigslist and select Musical Instruments you will find this stuff. These are just ideas. The switch will cost maybe $100.

Marshall Mosfet ss amp head $200
Peavey Hybrid amp $150
Mesa Boogie Nomad combo $650
Crate Blue Voodoo half stack (make offer?)
Traynor 2x12 cab $200
Crate Bass head BX220 $150
Ampeg SVT bass amp $480

New stuff, maybe a Peavey Windsor stack for $400, B52 for $400, Valveking for $400, Crate amps, etc - but I'd be looking at used gear.

Edit: xwearesinking - I started my response before your post. I'm not sure really, I guess I figured he could split is signal and run in stereo. Have on amp beefed up for lower frequencies and the other for high. TS - you are only talking about 1 guitar right?
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