So in a few months time i will be getting a new amp. I have the Vypyr 30 now and I love it, therefore i want to stick with the vypyr series and just get a bigger model. The Tube 60 costs £100 more than the 100 and having played with the solid state 30 for a while I can honestly say that I dont think a ss 100 would be bad at all. I know the tube is obviously going to be great but its money. plus the 60 only has 1 speaker. Would the 100 be good for gigging or just ****??? let me know. M,.
60 is all tube, 100 is only transtube.
Go 60, you won't be disappointed. (but thats just my opinion.)
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I would get the 60 so as you get louder it will sound better instead of sh1ttier.
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but its like £150 more?!?!?! The ss really arent that bad!

its your choice. the 60 gives it a more "organic" sound than the SS........
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Quote by Martallika666
but its like £150 more?!?!?! The ss really arent that bad!

Yeah but the Tubes are way better, get the Tube 60
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