What is the best recommended wah pedal that I can get guys? Im going to being playing stuff like Pantera, Alice in Chains, Black Label Society, Metallica, etc... so I dont want anything expensive like $ 1,000 or like that but let me hear you opinions so I can choose wisely.

Thank you
get a crybaby
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Yup, if you only play metal, get the Crybaby. It sucks on clean though.
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The Slash model Dunlop Crybaby, i love mine cause of the distortion circuit built in for solo boosts
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I also heard about Dimebag's crybaby wah pedal, is it better than the original or what? But still keep on telling me with the most recommended one, I was just curious though.
ultimate wah thread.


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The dunlop crybaby sounds like ****. But thats what all those guys use.
ultimate wah thread
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I agree.

Check out the RMC/Teese Wizard wah.

I've only ever played the Teese Picture wah (and it definitely kills) so I may be wrong about the Wizard, but some people don't really like the Clyde McCoy kind of wah tone. The artists that he listed certainly don't use that vocal Clyde wah tone.

Teese wahs are the **** though.
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