If i added a speaker cabinet to my combo, would the sound go through just the additional cabinet or the cabinet AND the combo's speaker???
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it depends on how your amp is set up....is there a cord running from the power amp output to the speaker, or does your amp have extension speaker outputs?
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what amp combo and what cab???!??!?!?!?!?
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Depends on the amp. Most the internal speaker is hardwired to the amp and may or may not have an external jack. IF it has an external jack it may or may not auto disconnect the internal speaker. Some just put external jacks and use those to run the internal speaker. My custom had 2 jacks 1 for the internal and an extra for cab. But usually this way the speakers will be running in parallel which makes the ohms lower (2 16ohm would be 8 etc). Do you want the internal and external to work together or not?