I have an Aerodyne Telecaster. I'm trying to tune the high e string after just changing the strings, and whenever it starts to tighten up, it will make a popping sound and fall back down half an octave. I don't understand this and it's very frustrating.

Anyone know what the problem could be?
"I have an Aerodyne Telecaster."

theres your problem. teles are meant to be flat, not countoured.

in all seriousness, just keep turning the peg. the worst that can happen is you lose out on an e string.
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it mite be wen ur put it in the hole in the tuning peg and that theres a little bend
and what basically happens is wen u start tightening the string has this little part of the string thats not wrapped properly and then it'll slip back and the string will back down
if not its the string or tuning peg
I still get this one its a tuner problem your gear on tht tuning peg is bad and you'll need to get a new one
Might be a problem with the nut... The string could be getting stuck. Try grinding up some pencil graphite and putting it on the nut. It could help. Its worth a shot.

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