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A song i wrote for my GirlFriend for Valentine's day. Supposed to be for Christmas because before then we weren't actually 'official' (I know it's only real if you change your status on Facebook!!). Well when I first got with her she had already started to plan her trip for travelling around Europe in the summer. We both knew this and to our better judgements continued the affair. Then on New Years Day we thought **** this and decided to get together 'offically' and I am now going travelling with her. Both of us are quitting our ****eous jobs and we're heading off. Anyway at the start of the song 150 refers to the amount of days she had left before she left my life, rather like a pink elephant you know its there but you choose to ignore it. The Cloud reference is about her stupid nickname for me, 'Grumpy Bear,' from the carebears, I know it's very rock n roll she just won't shut up.

150 and not counting
There's a place in the future
That your rays shall always eclipse
The smile you emit
From your pouting lips
An addiction I never want to beat

Lets get away, from this place
This world has its beauty
But on my cloud you must Live
Lets get away from this place
You're a different kind of sunshine
A kind that, I never want to give away
So dont go away

My heart it rests deep in your pocket
A special bind dont wanna stop it
Jaded thoughts are history with you
So lets kick off our shoes take a walk to the sunset
Goodbye to the past lift our heads and forget
Take my hand I'll show you all the greatest views

Chorus Repeat. etc.

Hope you enjoy.
Thankyou for your time. I apologise if sometimes sentiment overpowers poetic technicality, this was aimed at my girlfriend only, it was out of sheer curiosity that i uploaded it as an original of my own as an artist. Each line meaning something to her, and that was all that was important to me at the time. Your ears are appreciated nonetheless.
I like it. Once again, I love your singing. I like the guitar a lot, especially the main riff. As usual, great recording quality here. The only thing is that although I think it's supposed to be more of a happy song, it sounds kinda sad. Not sure what it is, but something just gives me that vibe. Maybe try smiling more when you're singing it. Overall though, great work.

Just finished up another cover if you wanna check it out.