Hey everyone! I'm not 100% sure if I'm allowed to post this, I checked the FAQ and rules, and this does not seem to violate anything...so I'll go ahead and...try!

I just recently purchased a nice Bogner Uberschall, and that pretty much rivals everything I've ever tried. Ever. So I'm selling a few of the heads I no longer need/want.

Up for grabs is a Crate Shockwave GT3500H, Roland Jazz Chorus JC120H, and a Hughes & Kettner WARP 7 Head. All are in perfect working order, and should do really well for intermediate gigs/jam sessions.

Here is the link to my ebay page where I'm selling those beasts.

Shoot me an email or message on ebay with any questions, as I check here only once a week, as I check email/ebay much more often. Thanks everyone!
andddddd here is the link to the page...as for whatever reason it did not post the link in the message, and also for whatever reason will not let me edit the message lol.