Hi guys, i'm looking to get a new sound card soon. I'm gonna be getting a Pod X3 Live and i see it has a USB recording function, but would it be better (how much better?) to have it going into an RCA input on a sound card?

I'm gonna be buying a new on cos currently im using onboard and it sucks ass, and keeps ****ing up. Not good for my gaming either. So yeah, this is just to see if i should get a music based sound card or just get a gaming one
I use the Sony Audigy and well it is very user friendly. It also has a really good sound if you have a good speaker system. It also works great with games. It's inexpensive about $40 or $50. I also run everything through a 16 track mixer to fine tune things. You can pick it up at Fry's or Office depots. At least that is where I found mine. You can get more expensive ones to, obviously.
I would get a good USB 2.0 or Firewire interface. I use a Presonus Audiobox USB for home recording, it's about $150 US. E-Mu also makes really good stuff, I would stay away from anything Line 6 in terms of audio interfaces, and stay away from M-Audios cheap stuff.
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The Delta series cards from M-Audio are great for the price. Not exactly Lynx or Apogee or anything, but at a price that mere mortals can afford, you can't beat 'em. (a damned site better than anything by Creative/Audigy/gamer stuff. The only downside is that you'd need a mixer or something for your mic preamps.

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