Okay, so I just sent my guitar into the shop to get fixed up. It had countless problems, and I'm hoping the guy can fix it; most likely he will.

It's an Ibanez RG-120. Obviously not the nicest of guitars. But, she's my baby.

I've been wanting a new guitar for a while now, and I've landed on the Ibanez RG-5. It plays unbelievably nice, so that's for sure my next guitar.

However, I really need some nice guitar effects. The Line 6 Floor POD Plus is really nice, and quite the bargain (seems to do everything I'd currently need, all for 200 dollars.)

So, I really have no skills at sorting out my priorities. Which one should I get first, the new guitar, or the POD?
I have the same guitar as you and it treats me well. The only thing you may want to think about is upgrading your pick-ups, other than that those things last a while. Go and get the floor POD, there nice and won't break the budget. You can also download custom pre-sets from songs and artists, allowing you to completely model your tone.
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in my opinion go for the line 6 floor pod , caz its can make ur guitar sound kwl even if its not that good type guitar , i got the lin6 x3 live and playin with a s**ks yamaha guitar but really it sounds awesome , but im gonna get ma LTD ec1000 vb next week , so it just my opinion, and hope other ppls can help u with that