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Eww a Fender Frontman.

well it could have been an Engl SE but y'know
Old. It was on DIGG 2 days ago. Come on!
The best guitar shop ever is the house of guitars in rochester,ny
go to the website
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Where's the ****ing door?

Edit: Oh. Right.

Oh well, I was looking at it thinking it really was an amp and my mind almost exploded when I realised it was a shop
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Old. It was on DIGG 2 days ago. Come on!

it was on here about 2 days ago!
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Whoa! I bet they give great deals on gibsons


nice! im still laughing from that after like 10 minutes

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That is quite unique...

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What? She said "just solder it back together"?

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"Hey guys check out this cool penis!"

Coulda been worse, at least it's not a Spyder III
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These knobs go to 11.

Why not make 10 the highest and make it louder?

....these go to 11
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http://www.theguitarstoreonline.co.uk/ There it is. I am so going On their guitars page though, there's shedloads of Gibsons xD I'm hardly complaining but y'know...
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edgespear, driving great ideas again. Sir, you pwn.

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