Hi there fellow UG'ers. Im wondering if anyone can help me with a little wah wah problem.
I've got a Dunlop Crybaby Wah and for some reason(probably too hard stomping) the pedal wont click on when i press the pedal down. The "button" that activates the wah as the pedal is pressed forward does not click anymore, it just goes in and out and does nothing.
So, does anyone know what to do about it? Can i fix it or should i just return it to the store and get it fixed there?

man, that happened to mine when i lent it too someone for a show.

Bassically the switch is probably knackered and you'll likely have to replace that, about £30 over here in the UK, but I'm sorry to hear that cause its a pain
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This is very common problem and it takes 12 minutes to fix. There are two nuts on the threads of the switch. One for height adjustment and one to lock in to place. Take the top nut off, and take the switch out of the enclosure. You can leave the wires soldered. Just lower the second nut a little at a time until it is where it needs to be, and tighten it in.
Thanks for your answers.
I did as you said end_citizen. I took it out of its enclosure and then i was left with the switch and the two nuts attached to it. But the thing is that the switch wont click even after taken out. Something that's supposed to stop it or make it click inside of the switch is probably broken so i think my only option here is to buy a new switch and install that one.
Thanks for the help!
its actually not that expensive/hard switching out a switch - google/check the ultimate wah modding thread for a how-to, get a true bypass switch off of some store (smallbear etc.) and pop it in there...as long as you can solder, its not hard to do


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