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Victims of a Breakdown
12 34%
Victims of a Beatdown
3 9%
Yer mum's Fayse
20 57%
Voters: 35.
hai hai.

basically, im starting a band with a friend and we need a band name, and weve narrowed it down to two choices: Victims of a Breakdown OR Victims of a Beatdown.

the main reasoning behind the first three words are that SOAD are my FAVVVVourite band, and i wanted somthing to do with them, but i chose Victims over System because the band was gonna be originally called 'Victims of a Down' after a poem that Daron wrote, and the last word chosen because its gonna a grindcore/electro-core kinda genre, so i thought breakdown would be more suitable.

so basically, which name sounds better?; Victims of a Beatdown or Victims of a Breakdown.

ALSO: any other suggestions are KINDLY accepted

ly all, Pit

EDIT: the number of people saying 'WOWZ THAT SUCKZZ' now is becoming slightly pathetic..

ok, you dont like eitehr of them.. i dont really care?
stop wasting time to write some fuxking garbage that nobody is gonna take an interest in, if you dont like em, just aim for yer mums fayse..

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None of them.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Hey guys could you spare a minute to Vote for my band. Go to the site Search our band Listana with CTRL+F for quick and vote Thank you .
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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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But our Band is Listana
The first two are really gay
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I respect and value your opinion.

Just kidding. You're a fucking retard.

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The first two are really gay

so is yer mums fayse.

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just shorten it to Victim or Victims
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How about,
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Holy SHIT those are bad band names. I'd be more inclined to go see a band called Prepubescent Donkey Cock.


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Should be "Generic Metal Band"

apart from the fact that we're not really playing metal?..
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How about,

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well i think that they both SUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

says teh dude with a username 'killersnipe'


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