The intro was excellent. The bass is outstanding, I really liked it. The guitar complements it very well.
The main riff part is not bad, but it doesn't seem to flow too well. I think it's because of the drums; the same part in the verse with the different drum pattern sounded much better imo.
Pre-chorus was okay. Again, the bass is really good here.

PM me when it's done and I'll give you a full crit.

If you wanna C4C, check either ZOMBIES! or Catharsis (both in my sig)
Some really nice bass in there man, this should be a really good song when it's finished. I especially enjoyed bars 1-8 and 26-29. IMO, the drums are theonly real weak point, they don't seem to fit particularly well. But the guitar is good as well. If you want to C4C, my song is on the front page